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Big Tree Defense

Defend the planet from insects in this fast-paced Strategy game! Put up the Big Tree Defense and save the Earth!
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1 Keila  
The primary thing to reebmmer in creating a website is that you're not creating the website for you; you're creating the site for your visitors. Very good point, tt, and equally applicable to blogs and something too many people tend to overlook on both media. If you can't get people to want to read/view whatever it is you're offering them, it's all for nothing. For that very reason I found myself re-writing over 5,000 words a few days ago, not because there was anything wrong with the content, but simply because it was dull.** Based on the response, it was time well spent.**Nothing actually wrong with it, grammatically and syntactically it was fine which is what made it dull. If you doubt that, read Stephen King. Technically, he's not that great, but he sure as hell can tell a story and that's what we're doing, too.

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